Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM)

April 24, 2023

The month of October is Disability Employment Awareness Month. The purpose of DEAM is to promote the employment of people with disabilities and to recognize and celebrate the contributions employees with disabilities make to the workforce. It’s also an opportunity for businesses and organizations to take proactive steps in ensuring their workplaces are accessible and inclusive.

During this past month, InclusionNL was extremely busy with DEAM related activities.  We were very active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, spotlighting our business partners’ commitment to disability employment and encouraging all to get involved during the month with DEAM ideas of the week.

A informational poster with the following text: Chess Penny Family YMCA Accessibility Features. Accessible Covid-19 Practices and Adjustments. Blue Zone Parking and Automatic Door Buttons. Recipien t of Empower's Business Award for IL. Accessible spaces, equipment, and change rooms

DEAM Idea for the week: Train and Educate. Providing training for those in supervisory roles on how to foster an incoousive workspace for employees with disabilities. Also offer trai ning to staff on disability inclusion or provide resources on the topic. DEAM Idea for the Week: Review your policies. Take some time to review your current policies, practices, and procedures. Is your hiring practices inclusive? Does your overall mission and organization strategy convey a commitment to a workplace culture inclusive of people with disabilities? DEAM Idea for the Week: Create a Display. Freshen up bulletin boards in main areas of your workplace with messages and pictures representing your organizations commitment to an inclusive workforce for people with disabilities. DEAM Idea for the week: Sharre Your Stories. Issue a press release or share on social media your plans for DEAM. Celebrate your work and what6 your business/organization does to support inclusive employment for people with disabilities!